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    H. Park and W. Choi
    Photoelectrochemical Cathodic Protection of Steel Using a TiO2 Photoanode and Sunlight

    201th Meeting of The Electrochemical Society Philadelphia 

    May 12-17, 2002
    H. Park and W. Choi
    Visible Light Induced Photooxidation of an Azo Dye (AO7) Complexed with Fe(III) Specie

    3rd Cross Straits Symposium on Materials, Energy and Environmental Sciences Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea 

    Nov. 15-16, 2001
    W. Choi, H. Park, and K. Y. Kim
    Using Solar Light for Metal Corrosion Prevention

    12th Asian-Pacific Corrosion Control Conference Seoul, Korea 

    Oct. 8-12, 2001
    W. Choi and H. Park
    Semiconductor Photocatalysis Applied to Metal Corrosion Prevention

    First International Conference on Semiconductor Photochemistry University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, U.K. 

    July 23-25, 2001
    W. Choi, H. Park, K.Y. Kim
    Development of Photoelectrochemical Cathodic Protection of Steel Corrosion Using Nonsacrificial TiO2 Anode

    Pacifichem 2000 Honolulu, Hawaii 

    Dec. 14-19, 2000